Little Legends: The Battle for Willow Lane – Competition in a Casual

ImageBetween a busy semester and waiting on games to show up at my door to play, I’ve decided to fill the gap with some short write ups on a few casual/Indie games. Here’s Little Legends: The Battle for Willow Lane by indie-developers Reentry Games that I saw on Reddit.

The game plays as a tile-matching puzzle (match 3+ corresponding objects together, yada yada) but stands apart by adding a few fun little mechanics into the mix. 

ImageRather than a solo game where you advance through a series of increasingly difficult levels, leading to your inevitable defeat, the game revolves around a multiplayer factor where live-players go head-to-head against each other in real-time. You have a small arsenal of abilities to use against your opponent until one of your health bar depletes. Abilities correspond with certain stats like attack, health, magic, trickery. (Don’t judge my score, its hard to screenshot accurately and play.) 

Players have six slots on their character (Warble, I think? It’s like a toad had sex with a tennis ball) that allows them to equip gear that increases stats. You can earn the equipment through chests, or for purchase by the in-game currency (nuggets, embers).When you go to begin a match, you have the chance to wager a certain amount of nuggets on the match (the more you wager, the more you win).


This all adds a really cool competitive factor to an otherwise casual game type. Rather than play against your own score or a big score chart, you have to outmatch (literally) your opponent and pummel him with things like a mentally handicapped looking bird that shoots a laser from its mouth.

Casual games like this aren’t really my thing, but even I found it to be a fun way to spend a little time. I can definitely see the appeal and recommend it if these types of games are your style. 

Either way, give it a shot. Support the Indie-Devs dammit. 

-Nick Thompson




One thought on “Little Legends: The Battle for Willow Lane – Competition in a Casual

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